La Carcailleuse

Specializing in natural quail, stuffed and various poultry in Vallorbe, Switzerland

Our 40 years of experience guarantee you a service and poultry of choice.

We work daily with the best restaurants in the country, as well as prestigious hotel chains. We supply hospitals, clinics and medical facilities sociaux.Les products you order are identical to those delivered to our professional customers. The latter requires us faultless while keeping the flavor of the terroir.

Our poultry and preparations are all first quality. Our Bourg en Bresse providers, the country of the Loire and the Drôme, we guarantee traceability and compliance husbandry procedures.

The tasty flesh of the poultry to red meat (game). Regarding quail, its record level of vitamins, iron and low in fat, making it one of the lower-calorie meat that is. It is not easy to debone a chicken, his bones are small and complicated to remove all without damaging the flesh. All our activity starts from there, save restorers and enthusiasts this hard work that requires a precise technique.

We specialized with time in the cutting of poultry and stuffed boneless poultry. Our house farces are without binders and preservatives. Over time, we expanded our product range to other poultry such as duck, capon, turkey, guinea fowl, guinea fowl, pigeons. We are known for our foie gras western groves, we have selected for you and we serve you with good value for money.

Our long experience with delivery mail or by ourselves throughout Switzerland, guarantees a first freshness home goods.

You can pick up on in Promasens, thank you to order in advance by phone, mail or fax. You can provide you with one of our resellers, such as Nardi butcher in Pully and Cully. You will also find on the home page a list of our other partners. Thank you to book in advance from home or at home.

A link on the home page, a few ways to cook our poultry and on the canvas many other delicious ways to prepare them.

Quail - Quail stuffed - Foie Gras - terrines - Chicken - Cockerel - Chapons - Turkeys - Ducks - Guinea fowl - Partridge - Quail eggs

Our reliable delivery system and guarantees

Thermal packaging

Home delivery by post from Tuesday to Friday. The package comes together in the morning or your mail with your package factor must be present to your home to take delivery of the goods. Possibility to indicate the delivery address that suits you (at work, at a neighbor etc ...)
The merchandise is vacuum, then it is packed in thermal bag with ice and put in boxes. This ensures the freshness of your goods upon receipt.


from 50.- of purchase 5.- shipping. If you are below 50.- 20.- we charge shipping costs, be careful. 0.- costs from 100.- purchase!

Order by phone or via the website. fast and safe delivery by mail throughout Switzerland.

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