Conditions and delivery details

Participation in shipping and packaging

Delivery by mail order from Tuesday to Friday until 4 pm.

20.- Shipping
(order below 50.-)

5.- Shipping
(order above 50.-)

( command exceeds 100.-)

If the package is to be sent for Saturday (night express) you will be charged at the price of

25.- (price charged by the post office)

Be aware of your delivery day

If delivery is by mail, it arrives in the morning together with your mail, if you are not there to receive the parcel,
tell your factor drop to where he did not leave with.

Any order that has not been received because of absence will be charged and not refunded.

If the transfer is not made on time, the invoice for your order will be attached to the package.

If you make a payment through paypal or bank transfer but you still receive a bill, put in the trash.


For questions and further information please contact us.

Home delivery by us:

(If there is a tour planned)

Packages are delivered according to our tours, subject to change:

• Wednesday: Lausanne North / East Vaud, Neuchâtel.

• Thursday: Riviera, Valais.

• Friday: Fribourg.

To save you the costs of delivery, you always have the option to pick up your order in our markets from Wednesday and Saturday.

The Carcailleuse reserves the right to change prices and assortment at any moment.