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The Carcailleuse, small family business has launched its first breeding quail Epalinges 1976, the reason is simple, the tasty flesh of his birds red meat (game), its record in vitamins and iron. Its lower fat content than beef make it one of the least calorie meats. Must not be lazy to debone a quail, his bones are small and complicated to remove without damaging the flesh. It all started from there, save restorers and enthusiasts this laborious work that requires a specific technique.

We are specialized with time in the boneless quail stuffed, we house our jokes without binders or preservatives in our laboratory Promasens. Over time we have expanded our product range to other poultry such as duck, the capon, turkey, guinea fowl, Pigeon. We are known for our foie gras groves West that we have selected for you and we serve you with good value for money.

We are on the market on Saturday and Lausanne Pully Friday, we deliver home throughout Switzerland quickly and cheaply. Our concept has always been: With our products and tips just 40 minutes to prepare a gourmet menu in which you delight your guests. We update our site to ensure you, recipe, tips and ease of navigation.

Never hesitate to post comments or contact us by e-mail to all criticisms, compliments, recipe ideas or other claims. To see our delivery terms go to the "conditions and delivery details."

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